Blood Alley - The Killing Floor - Vancouver's Most Haunted Place

What a lovely evening for a stroll, maybe we'll meet a ghost... 

There's a place in Gastown that's one of the most haunted places in Vancouver. Not the only haunted place in Gastown but one of my favourites... 

The whole downtown core had been rebuilt after "The Great Vancouver Fire" which ravaged the city on June 13, 1886. 

There are many ghost stories about Water Street in general, especially the building that houses the restaurant, the Old Spaghetti Factory. The old Canadian National Railway Station on Maple Tree Square, supposedly the most haunted piece of real estate in the world, or the old Canadian Pacific Station on Cordova, the most haunted building in Vancouver. 

This haunted place is called "Blood Alley" near Gaolers Mews an old jail, where today, the washrooms of a pub are the old jail cells. Blood Alley is a little cross street containing a public square behind the local businesses. The name plucked out of the air by politicians in the 1970's part of their stragedy to revitalize the area. Originally it was named Trounce Alley and at one time was the heart of downtown Vancouver. The courtyard was used to hang criminals in public gallows. It got the name from all the blood spilt on its cobblestone road surface that filled the drains and sewers from the numerous butcher shops in the area. Not a pleasant place back then, the filth and smells, basically the killing floor for the butchers.

At the turn of the 20th century, it was commonplace for payday muggings and murders to take place in the square. Many tourists today feel the psychic energy as they turn and enter the Alley, left behind by murdered victims, hung criminals and the slaughtered animals.

Ghosts of all kinds have been spotted here and there throughout the area. Screams and squeals from pigs, cows and chickens can sometimes be heard as ghostly phantoms perform their ritual  butcherings. Spirits of hanged men abound.

Today, Blood Alley is like any other Vancouver Downtown Eastside alley, smelling of urine, scattered with litter and dumpsters, home to the homeless.

If you're ever in Vancouver, I'd recommend taking a walking tour

Don't go it alone, eh? 

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