Better Red Than Dead - Russia Takes Control

The Crimeans have made a decision.  90 % have voted to break away from Ukraine and reunite with Russia.  Turn out at the polls was 83% of the population.

We all know that the polls were rigged even though we were assured the vote was held legitimately. 

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will be knocking on Kiev doors collecting authorities that couldn't keep control and destabilize the violence by radical groups and ultra-nationalists.  We probably will never know their fates.

There's going to be a back-lash against violation of the international treaty.  Kiev is already re-forming and building up new forces, a 20,000 member National Guard.

Putin denied the accusations about the voting saying,

"I respect the will of the Crimean people."

In retaliation, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk threatened Crimean politicians that called for a vote.  Calling them "ringleaders" who want to destroy Ukrainian independence.

"We will find all of them - if it takes one year, two years - The ground will burn under their feet," the prime minister threatened.

As for now...

It's better red than dead.

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