Alexandria Genesis - The Legend of "Perfect" Human Beings

A woman in 1329 London suddenly came down with a strange disease, her eyes turned purple.  The woman's name was Alexandria Genisis.  The disease is named after her. She bore 4 children, all girls with purple eyes.

Super human beings, with pale white skin, that never gets sun burnt or tanned. They have no body hair other than what they are born with, growing very little over their lifespans, never having any pubic or facial hair, ever. Their eyes turn a purple colour after six months of age.  

They have a slow metabolic rate, burn less calories, live longer and produce very little waste.  They have well-developed bodies and their immune systems are exceptionally strong, resisting most diseases known to man, with perfect vision and never being able to gain an extra pound of weight, always at the correct weight and never changing.

A genetic disorder "Alexandria Genisis" is basically an urban legend due to the fact no one exists today with the disorder.  This does not mean that this disorder didn't exist, it could have existed in the past.  

The story goes like this; back thousands of years, a mysterious light flashed over the sky startling people in a village in Egypt. People emerged from this flash of light with pale white skin and purple eyes and because of their strange appearance they were called "Spirit People."  They migrated to the north into Europe and Asia and were absorbed into the general population, adding to the mystique of the legend.

The first recorded instance of this genetic disorder was in 1329 in England where a girl was born named Alexandria with purple eyes. She bore four girls, all with the disorder and all living well over 100 years of age. The genetic variant that causes the disorder was discovered in the 1960's, but that's disputable because it would take more than one or two genes to mutate in order for all these symptoms to manifest.

Could "Alexandria Genisis" exist, after all there have been other odd discoveries of people's that have existed before? Examples; giants, small people, strange looking people with big brains, others with hairy faces, claws for hands. Imagine the first Native Indian people on the shores of the St. Lawrence meeting the first white people coming from Europe, what went through their minds? There have been a few notable people who claim to have had the disease;

Elizabeth Taylor was claimed to have purple eyes, but then again she wore so much mauve it could have been a reflection on her iris. 

There are people with Progeria who age quickly and have short life spans, so why can't that be reversed, aging slowly and having a long life?

There is no proof of such a condition existing. With the many genetic defects in the human race today, it wouldn't surprise anyone in the slightest if it did. Until then, it'll remain a legend. 

The legend of the "Perfect Human Beings; Alexandria Genisis.

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FAKE Alexandria's Genesis is a fictional genetic condition created for a Daria fanfiction character. No such genetic condition is known to exist in reality. Normally states: Alexandria’s Genesis, also known as ”violet eyes” (a mutation). When someone is born with Alexandria’s Genesis, his eyes are blue or gray at birth.After six months, the eyes begin to change their original color to purple, and it lasts six months. During puberty, the color deepens to dark purple, a purple colour.

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Alexandrias Genesis said...

Alexandria's Genesis mutation is real. It is a rare but this mutation its highly exaggerated.