Airplane Vanishes Into Thin Air Over China Sea- Conspiracy Theories Go Viral

A jet airplane with 239 people aboard two of them Canadian, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 enroute to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur disappears into thin air on Friday. Where did it go? What happened? Why didn't it give out a MAYDAY or distress call? Why can't they find the black box?

The Questions


Two of the passengers were flying with stolen Passports which raises the question of terrorism. The Malaysian border authorities let them board without checking their documents on the International Law Enforcement Agency Database, Interpol.


The FBI are getting involved, why because they believe terrorism was involved, it's very rare you get one person on a flight travelling with a stolen passport but two, and on the same flight. If not they want to know why they were travelling with stolen cards anyway, because if they did it for this airline flight, how many other flights are being infiltrated as we speak.


The timing is completely out of line. The jet was cruising at normal speeds, at the proper altitude considered the safest part of a flight.


The plane had been damaged earlier in a crash on the tarmak with a smaller one getting it's wing clipped but had been repaired. These planes are considered the safest of all planes, in human years it would only be about 25 years old. Almost new!


Where is the black box? Why isn't it putting out a signal? Could it be sunk that deep in water.


Why no distress call. MAY DAY, MAY DAY. With all the high tech equipment. Two way communication with air traffic at the airport and with the company. It was even rigged with sensors that were supposed to send signals to Malaysia Airlines. This in itself gives the impression things happened pretty quickly.


The plane is big, 200 long with a wingspan of 209 feet, a Boeing 777-200ER passenger jet.


Weather conditions were perfect for flying.

Whatever happened, happened fast and was catastrophic.  Planes just don't happen to drop out of the sky at 36,000 feet even though it has happened before, Flight Air France #447 an Airbus A330 dropped out of the sky with similar state-of-the-art communication equipment. That disappearance took years to finalize.

Traces of an oil slick along the ocean's surface have been discovered. Hopefully, it will be found soon. I already have my own theories and they point to a bomb, but we will have to wait and see, until then the Conspiracy Theorists will have a hey-day with all the speculation on the cause of this disaster.

The disappearance of Flight 370, over the China Sea the next great conspiracy.

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