Actors and Actresses and Their Superstitions

There's never been a group of people more susceptible to superstition that actors and actresses. Could it be their artistic temperament, their diva quality? They go to all lengths to avoid pitfalls, to guarantee success in their art. Here's a list of what some actresses and actors do taken from the dictionary of Omens & Superstitions:

  • No actor or actress would ever consider changing in a room numbered #13.  Most theatres don't even have a dressing room, #13. 
  • There should be no pictures hanging in the dressing room a sign of bad luck to come.
  • All performers coming across another actor putting on their make-up looking in a mirror should acknowledge them.
  • A rabbits foot should be used to apply rouge as well as for good-luck, if you lose it, damnation follows.
  • Make-up boxes must look unkempt and to knock one over is a bad omen.
  • If a dancer spills some powder on the floor accidentally she should dance on it to bring good luck.
  • Wigs are lucky.
  • If an actor kicks off his shoes to relax and they both fall on their soles remaining upright its a good sign but if they don't it's a bad one.
  • No shoes shall rest upon a chair.
  • Actors should leave the dressing room, left foot first, if they squeak the production will be a success
  • To stumble while entering centre stage, means you'll miss a cue later.
  • Catching your clothing on a stage prop spells disaster when reciting your lines.
  • If an actor falls during a performance he's guaranteed another show.
  • Peacock feathers are to be avoided. Only in America is a picture of an ostrich bad luck if its on stage.
  • Only artificial flowers should be used as a prop. Yellow to be avoided.
  • On opening night never wish an actor good luck, but you can say "Break a leg".
  • No openings on a Friday.
  • No humming during rehearsals.
  • If you need to memorize difficult passages, put them under your pillow and when you wake up you'll remember all the correct lines.

With all these superstitions it's a wonder they can even get up on stage. 

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