A Personal Story - Could My Teacher Have Been a Reptilian Shapeshifter ?

I remember when I was a kid, eleven or twelve...

Sitting, dumbfounded, second row over from the door and six seats back. The last desk occupied, by me. No one sat behind me nor beside me in the other rows. I could see the backs of everyone's head as they listened to the teacher, Mrs. Griffith.

We were about to do a test.

An aptitude test of some kind and we would only have 10 minutes to complete it, then the bell would ring and we would have to hand it in. 

Everyone was handed a sheet of paper from Mrs. Griffith coming up and down the aisles between the desks. She instructed us to fill in the blanks and answer the ten, "yes or no" questions. We were to sign the bottom and hand them back when finished. When she came to my desk she hesitated and looked down on me. I kept sitting straight, looking forward.  I could feel her eyes scanning me. After a few seconds, she moved on.

We all looked down at the questionnaire and started to answer the questions. For no apparent reason, I looked up, lifting my eyes without moving my head. I scanned the room and could see everyone was busy reading and writing, their faces busy in their work. I stopped when I could see, out of the corner of my peripheral vision, the teacher. I moved my head slightly, to get her more into view without her noticing.

Something slithered from the corner of her mouth.


I watched. It looked like a snake's tongue, slithering then would slip back into her mouth then come out again, pointing the other direction. She was watching another student, her eyes morphed, the roundness turned to slits then back. Her cheeks turned an aluminous, irradiating greenish bluish colour, one moment almost turning yellow then fading back to green, then turning back to Mrs. Griffith's own. Suddenly she turned her head to me, cocking it like a gecko or a lizard would. She had noticed me, watching.

I don't remember finishing nor signing the test, let alone any of the questions asked. Two weeks later we got a reply and everyone was handed their test back.

Some were destined to be teachers, two were to be doctors, one a lawyer, an actor, three musicians, five of the six girls would get married and raise children (remember this was the 50's) and me. I was destined to be a farmer.

I did a little research and discovered most of my other classmates did become what they were destined (according to the test) to be; the doctor, the lawyer, the actor, the musician and so on...

In my case it was way off base.  I never did become that farmer. 

Soon after the test, Mrs. Griffith was replaced by a spare teacher, her where abouts' and disappearance a mystery.

I'll never forget her face, though. Her tongue, her eyes the changing colour of her skin. 

I understand now what I saw then, she was a Reptilian, and she was Shapeshifting!

A personal story.

Dog Brindle

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