Who Will Be The AntiChrist?

There will be a man, a lovable man - Daniel 7:20-9:27 

A short man in stature but a great orator and appear larger than life. Possibly Roman or Greek, maybe Syranian and maybe Jewish. With an intimidating face. He will know things that we couldn't possibly know and will be promoting peace. 

He will rise with the help of the False Prophets, among 10 Kings. Revelations 13:1-17:14 He will be crafty, sending delusions (Project Blue Beam) to every unbeliever until they convert and believe, and uproot 3 of the Kings to take control and out of this, a new world (communistic or socialistic) government will emerge. He will take full domination over the world 3 1/2 years after he has taken control and reign for a final 42 months after. The Abomination of Desolation signals the beginning of the end. The Mark of the Beast, 666 the amount of his name or death is cast upon everyone. Revelation 12-20 

Thats when he will show his true colours.

The AntiChrist will oppose God, speak against him, exalt himself higher than God, sit in the temple of God, claim to be God or an incarnation of God. He will spread throughout the entire earth, in all tongues and in all nations, amassing a great military power to enforce his law.

There is a possibility he might be a homosexual, (I don't even know why I've brought that up) because he will not desire women and will have no qualms about. He will implement "Forced" limits on the amount of births. 

He will fight Jesus during the Second Coming at Armageddon but won't be successful. The Lord will win, the final battle, using the word of God, and his glory. - 2 Thessalonians 2:8

In the end, the AntiChrist will be cast in the lake of fire and be tormented, day and night for ever and ever. 

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Will Johnson said...

Your work is greatly appreciated, but for me...prophesies foretelling the predestined character and role of the Antichrist, does not alert me as much as the poignant prophecy of Jesus, recorded in the Bible (St. MATTHEWS, Chapter 25)! Here Jesus provides a litmus test for entering his External Kingdom...and surprisingly, a host of "religious" people, from every nations...end up being rejected! They appear to know a lot about the essence of Satan, but just never learned "WHO CHRIST REALLY WAS (the least among them)!" CONCLUSION, it may not be so expedient to expend useless hours & anxieties investigating the future Antichrist! But it is totally beneficial to get to know Christ, and He will deal with the Antichrist!

Trudy Grossman said...

That is true. I you don't know Jesus, you will be one of those fooled by the Anti-Christ. It says in Revelation how Christ will come, study the Word!