Who Sent The First Valentine Card?

There once was a man named "Saint Valentine" of Rome.  

The legend goes he was performing weddings and ministering to Christians, which was against Roman law at the time punishable by death. He eventually got caught and was taken to prison, and was interrogated by the Roman Emperor, Claudius II himself, who found him guilty of sympathizing with the Christians. His fate; to wait in jail until his execution.

While he waited, his jailer a man named Asterius and him became friends. The jailer's daughter was very sick, Saint Valentine offered to save her, so Asterius brought her to the jail where Saint Valentine laid his hands on her and she became cured. A miracle. 

Moments before his execution, on February 14th, Saint Valentine asked for a pen and paper. He proceeded to write  a letter to Asterius's daughter, he had fallen in love with her. He gave it to Asterius to deliver to his daughter after his death. Asterius carried out the execution and took the letter to his daughter. As a salutation at the end he had written, "Your Valentine" as a farewell to her.

Valentine became associated with Romantic Love in the middle ages, and by the late 1800's it became popular to send your loved ones, roses w/cards. The greeting card became known as the Valentine Card. The heart, dove, and Cupid became it's symbols. 

That was the first Valentine Card ever sent, and that in a nut shell is how Valentine's Day got its name.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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