Vimanas - Ancient UFO's and Alien Architecture

Reference to alien flying machines originated from ancient India. Sanskrit stories from India mention mystical flying machines called "Vimanas, thousands of years ago.  

Today, people observing flying saucers have all kinds of names for them. Put both together and it suggests; earth has been visited by alien astronauts in the past and are continuing to be visited to this today.

Vimana is a term in modern Indian languages like Hindi, vimāna or vimān for "aircraft"

Before Indians called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) Vimanas, they were referred to as, Golden Flying Chariots, usually depicted being pulled by a team of wild stallions.  

The Golden Chariot 

They were also mentioned as being these big "mechanical birds." Manuscripts have been found in Lhasa,Tibet with directions and plans for the building of one, the power used (anti-gravity), even propelling telepathically, the same technique as levitation counteracting the gravitational pull of the earth.

Ancient Buildings were designed after them and have domes depicting Vimanas sitting on the top.

There has to be some sustenance in these ancient UFO sightings, why else would people go to such extremes, to depict them in their architecture? 

After all, we living in the 21st Century don't make buildings that look like UFO's. 

Or do we? Go figure!

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