The "Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men"

The oldest "Secret Society" on earth, The NINE UNKNOWN MEN also known as NUM, founded by Ashoka the Greatest of all Emperors, an old Indian ruler ca. 269 BCE to 232 BCE.

Many conspiracy theorists and believers think that over 2000 years ago an Emperor in India named Asoka thought that the technology of the day needed to be guarded. He feared if it got into the wrong hands it could be used for evil purposes, so he appointed nine extra-ordinary male scientists (Navaratnas) to do experiments with Aliens and keep it a secret. Experiments to save humanity. One legend had it that a city in the Rama Empire, similar to our story of Atlantis, was destroyed in a war using nuclear technology 15,000 years ago.

Many people today feel there are still Aliens or Nine men hidden somewhere in India and the organization called the SECRET SOCIETY of NINE UNKNOWN MEN still in operation today, for the good of mankind. They have great supernatural powers and have had no contact with the outside world, except...

They may have had contact with Pope Sylvester II known as Gerbert d'Aurillac. Who went to India and supposedly brought back a bronze instrument that could answer questions, given to him on a secret meeting with the NUM.

The purpose of the NUM is for each to guard one secretive, specific book of knowledge. Knowledge that has the possibility to be harmful to the human race. Here's a list of the books: 

  1. Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
  2. Physiology "Instructions on How to Perform the Touch of Death"
  3. Microbiology, Biotechnology
  4. Alchemy 
  5. Communication, worldly and other
  6. Gravitation, building UFOs or Vimanas
  7. Cosmology
  8. Light
  9. Sociology, evolution

FACT: (India has only two gold mining areas) The most ancient in the world, Hutti Gold Mine Field and the Kolar Mine Field, both now almost depleted, but during natural disasters tons and tons of gold are received from an unknown source. This fact raises a few questions.

These nine men, or aliens or what ever they are, are looking down on us right now, ready to intervene if necessary, they've watched civilizations being born and watched them destroyed and fall, all to be reborn again but always obeying the code of silence. 

True or false, myth or reality? You'd have to agree, a strange story.

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anurag said...

how can someone who sits in silence do good?knowledge needs to be shared but the source needs to be protected.where is the sharing?people need hope and this is nothing but a waste of time and there is no hope at all...atleast not from "them"