The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Did He Really Rise From the Dead?

In Christianity one of the oldest and most radical proclamations is:

On the third day, after the crucifixion and the burial, it is said Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.

Mary Magdalene was distraught, sad, after all she had just watched Jesus crucified on a cross. She was alone when she saw him come back to life. Her witness account said he appeared in a vision before her, not as a ghost or spirit but in the flesh, in other words he rose from the dead. She might have mistaken the gardener for her son, that is another theory. The gardener was working that day. She ran back and told Jesus's 11 remaining disciples, Judas had already committed suicide.

She was afraid for her life, the same with the disciples they were afraid of losing everything to the Romans. They ran to the cave and they too after doubting her first, started to see visions themselves, until they were all in agreement, that all of them had seen Jesus. Luke and Peter believed they ate a fish with him. Jesus wanted them to touch him so he could prove he was not a ghost but of the flesh. 

They appointed themselves high priests, telling everyone that the resurrected Jesus had appointed them on his way to heaven as his priests to the Christian faith. They said Jesus personally recommended Peter to be his successor. The whole event so absurd it must be believed. No ifs, ands or buts, anyone who is a denier, is a heretic, not a Christian.

Was the whole story a fabrication?  Did Mary tell a little white lie to save her own skin?

This paranormal experience validated the apostolic succession of bishops, the basis of papal authority to stands to this day.

You could sum it up to a group of men and one woman under emotional stress all experiencing mass hypnosis. 

The story of the resurrection can never be verified or disproved. There will always be believers and skeptics.

It's all in the interpretation. 

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