The Curse of the Crying Boy

In the first place it puzzles me why anyone would want a picture of a boy crying on their walls. Such a depressing sight to look at everyday, why is he crying? 

The year was 1985, September the 4th. It was reported there was a fire, in Rotherham, Yorkshire a town in northern England. A house burned to the ground. Except!

A tiny piece of one wall was still standing after the fire was put out and this is the chilling part. 

On that wall was one of those mass produced paintings of a boy, crying. Painted by the famous Italian painter Bruno Amadio, also known as G. Bragolin. He claims to have made a pact with the devil to help sell copies of the painting.

During the 50's the paintings became very popular and they sold millions of copies. Even though the original curse is of a boy, crying girls have also been found painted by different painters in the ashes of fires around the world, totally unscathed, in perfect condition surrounded by devastation.

A bad omen, an omen of death to come. 

That began the widespread legend of the Curse of the Crying Boy, and since that event, thousands of Crying Boy and Girl pictures have been reported around the world surviving such tragedies. Especially after the printing in the tabloid, The Sun, the next day, headlined "Blazing Curse of the Crying Boy." Where a man and his wife claim it was a cheap painting of a boy crying that burned their house down.

One fireman reported that no fireman in their right mind would have a picture of the Crying Boy in their house. 

That started a panic.

There was a painting burning, a huge bon fire in the central square. Hundreds of paintings of the boy crying were thrown in and destroyed. 

One theory is the paintings are treated with a fire retardant varnish, when the string holding it on the wall burnt and broke the painting would fall face down onto the floor, being protected.  

But, that's only a theory, it doesn't explain all of them. It's just an urban legend.

I don't have any pictures of anyone crying on my walls, just in case. Do you?

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