Sky Trumpets - Strange sounds in Terrace BC

This happened last summer, early in the morning. 

People were awakened from their sleep by this strange, whining grinding noise emanating from the nearby hills. They couldn't tell if it was coming from the sky or the ground. Three people have recorded the event from different locations around Terrace, British Columbia. It was heard in the towns of Hazelton and Nass also. At other times even in Dawson Creek and Edmonton.

Speculation has it that it was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck northwestern BC but that has been ruled out, others say it is the electromagnetic activity of the earth. Then there are the nay-sayers, that say it's just the noise from a passing train echoing in the surrounding hills, but the residents insist it was not. Records showed it wasn't.  Still other nay-sayers say it was a city worker sharpening a grader.

What do you think?

Listen to other similar sounds heard throughout the world. Notice how similar they sound. Even over a baseball game, heard by thousands. Even out in the bush away from civilization, even on a beach.

There are hundreds of explanations. What do you think, aliens?

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