Sky Burial - What a Great Way to Give Back to the Earth (Disturbing Images)


What a great thing to do, have a Sky Burial. 

You'd take up no space in a grave yard. Hell, there'd be no need even to dig a grave. They'd need no gas to burn your body. There'd be no need for an expensive funeral. No need to preserve your whole body, just parts for transplanting into others.  You're dead anyway, useless now, good for nothing, gone. Have you heard of it?  Sky Burial. It could be your last chance to help the world. 

It's an old Tibetan custom, The Transmigration of Spirits, of rebirth.

Your body is taken to a place on a mountain, splayed and laid out for nature to take its course.  You get eaten by condors.  The rest of your remains get absorbed back into the soil.  

I know, I know we don't have vultures here in British Columbia, not those kinds of vultures anyway, but we do have man-eating Grizzlies and Mountain lions that nearly starve to death every winter because we've been encroaching upon their land. Wouldn't it be nice to give back in the end, have a picnic in honour of the bear.

I'm gonna start a new campaign.

Save a Bear Have a Sky Burial.

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