Project Blue Beam - The End is Nigh - Is it a Conspiracy?

"The new world order headed by the Antichrist is implemented using a blue beam from alien technology to trick people, everyone, no one will be immune."

Is it possible?

Project Blue Beam 

The purpose of Project Blue Beam is to prepare the world for the on-coming New World Religion

The New World Religion will be needed by aliens in the future to control the human population.

This has been attempted before by humans alone, complete totalitarianism, a good example would be the Inquisition.

Let me tell you in a nut shell how this conspiracy theory is going to happen, this time...

First, a man named Serge Monast from Quebec wrote a book called Project Blue Beam, published in 1994, after a project NASA was working on since 1983, the project didn't materialize but was scheduled to reopen in 1996. He died two years after writing the book of a heart attack, after the Canadian Government tried to prevent him from writing it. It's alleged they kidnapped his daughter trying to stop him. Most people that knew him believe he was assassinated for what he knew.

This is how it's going to happen as Serge Monast wrote: 

  • Aliens are coming to earth. They will take control erasing all archaeological knowledge on earth, making fake floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters to destroy all past evidence. Apparently they have to destroy the old to come in with the new.
  • From their mother ship orbiting the earth, they will point a blue ray at earth. It will cover every square inch of the surface. No place will be hidden from the ray because it can go through anything.
  • The aliens will use this beam to talk to everyone telepathically in their own language, so everyone will understand. The aliens will tell everyone that their Messiah has arrived and each person will believe what they are hearing, hypnotically.
  • Then there will be a light show, like in the Fremont Street Experience, in old Las Vegas but in the sky. People everywhere will look up at the sky and see giant holographs in 3D. Everyone will see what they are intended to see, their own god in the sky.  The aliens will unite these gods before everyone's eyes and turn it into one God using these holographs. This new God will be the Anitchrist.
  • They will talk to us using telepathy using the blue ray, making us think God is talking to us directly.
  • They will make us believe we are being invaded by aliens and that the Rapture is about to happen. The take over happens and everyone is rounded up to be micro-chipped.
  • Everyone will have to take an oath to 'Lucifer'. Children will be used for sexual exploitation and human sacrifice, prisoners used for medical experiments and living organ donors for aliens, slave camps and execution centres will be open.

You can't find a copy of the original book, Project Blue Beam anywhere, Presse libre nord-americaine, 1994 and it has never been reissued. 

Remember this is only a CONSPIRACY THEORY it might not be real.

That's it in a nut-shell.

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