Nightcrawlers - Stickmen - Alien Creatures With No Body - A Head With Legs

Move over Bigfoot, there's a new creature stalking the back yards of San Jose, and the forests of Yosemite National Park in California. 

The Nightcrawlers

By appearance alone, these creatures have become the most unexplained of any images available of an alien.  Night crawlers have no body, little or no arms, just two long legs with a head.  They only appear at night.

Legends from Indian folklore, 100's of years ago have surfaced about these beings arriving on earth before humans.  Wooden idols have been discovered throughout the forests of North and South America worshiped by the native Indians. 

Huge glyphs of men, with little arms and huge legs that can only be seen from the air, were discovered in 1931 near Blythe, California.

Watch video and decide for yourself. These critters were caught by Park Wardens on the parks surveillance camera. 

I don't want to scare anyone but it's something to think about when you go camping next summer.
Sleeping in a tent in Yosemite Park with these things walking around.
No, I don't want to scare anyone.

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anand said...

Why did you say the backyards of san jose? Is there any witness accounts of this creature being in San Jose?

Michael Estey said...

I mean the San Jose area in general as being the backyard. Sure there are witness accounts, google it!