Is Justin Bieber a Reptilian Alien? Shapeshifting.

Have you heard of it? Shapeshifting.

Shapeshifting is the ability to transform your body into someone or something else, such as in Justin Bieber's case, an animal, specifically a lizard.  

This is called therianthropy, which refers to the metamorphosis of humans into animals.  There is supposedly no truth in any of it. It's an old wives tale, folklore, mythology, the makings of modern fantasy. It was brought up in the oldest of literature, endured the Middle Ages right up to the present day, a common theme for todays, Sci-Fi, and fantasy writers. 

Watch as Justin Bieber's eyes morphed in court. Then you can decide for yourself, what's true.

Is Justin Bieber a reptilian alien?

The creatures usually go from being looking good to being ugly or vice versa.  

The best known examples today of Shapeshifting are Gender Reassignments, where a boy becomes a girl or a girl becomes a boy but note that this is not a person transforming into an animal. Some people go to extremes to change their bodies such as Cat Man, this is not Shapeshifting.   

Shapeshifting, is mystical, magical, supernatural.
Could this be the reason for his recent behavioural problems? 

Maybe Justin Bieber's not human, maybe he's a Gila Monster.

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This is a joke right?