Imaginary Childhood Friends - Who Are These Kids Talking To?

I don't remember having any imaginary childhood friends when I was a kid.

Someone I could play with and that I could see and no one else could. Maybe I don't remember, after all I can't remember very much about my childhood. I'm sure I would have heard about it by now if I did. 

Apparently, it is quite common for kids to have imaginary friends starting at a very early age, and the frequency normally decreases as the child grows and his social skills improve as he interacts with other people his own age. 

But sometimes, things don't seem normal.

Watch this short video and you can see for yourself that the child is talking and interacting with someone. 

Is it his imagination? He is constantly looking up, as if making eye contact at whatever it is he sees. Would that mean that the friend is bigger than him? The kid asks a few questions as if to break the ice with someone watching him play with his toys, and it obviously asks him, but you don't hear it, "Where did you get it?" He says his birthday. The friend asks him "how old he is," only he can hear the friend ask the question. He says six. Then the kid asks where he lives, waits a second, long enough for the friend to answer then the kid seems to take it in then asks him his name. Very conversational as if in actuality there are two persons.

It just looks too real, to me.  I can almost feel and see someone sitting on the floor facing him. Can't you?

Is it a ghost?

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Sheri Lowe said...

Very thought provoking. My little great nephew had an imaginary friend when he was three that he called "my guy". When his mom asked him if it was a little boy he said "no mom, he's a man!" Two significant things he told his mom were:

Once he asked her to slow down and wait for "his guy" when they were going downstairs to leave for a visit with a close friend. My niece flippantly asked, "why, is he coming with us?" He excitedly responded "can he?" She said "sure!" he then looked behind him and turned back saying, "he says he can't, he's never been there before".

The next one made the hair on her arms stand on end. One day he says right out of the blue, "Mom this isn't your house." She said of course it was. She had recently bought the home. It was an old two story. He then said, "No it's not. My guy says it's his house and will always be his house."