Half-Cat Killings - Alien, Religious Cult or Madmen?

Something strange has been reported happening all over the world, on every continent. 

Half-cats, house cats, someone's pet.

Their bodies are sliced completely in half, gutted and drained completely of blood. BCSPCA Officials have determined these cats have not been hit by a car or are the victims of coyotes. They had been sliced with a sharp tool, such as a scalpel. Seven half-cats were found in Surrey way back in October of 2010. Three half-cats were discovered on people lawns in Maple Ridge starting in June 2011. By March, 2012 the police were on it, they notified the public. Seven more half-cats were found in Maple Ridge by May, of that same year.

The half-cats are placed in full view, usually on the owners lawn, in a conspicuous place so it can't be helped but be noticed. One half-cat was found under a notice for a lost cat, its tail a few blocks away in a gutter.

The summer of 2013, in a small town north of Toronto. Six cat heads were found displayed on their owners lawns. Back in 2009 in a nice little neighbourhood of Dallas Texas, a rash of similar killings were reported but never investigated, more killings started up in 2011, the same MO. There's tons of reports, just search the internet. 

Some cities are re-checking who they are adopting cats to, and have stopped adopting black cats out near Halloween because some people think they're evil. People then hurt them or kill them, for sacrifice.

Is this like the cow mutilations we hear about, where they're taken up into UFO's and dissected, or a ritual sacrifice of some religious cult, or a bunch of psychotic madmen terrorizing neighbourhoods around the world with an evil distain for cats? 

Half-cats, these cases are hard to solve, especially if there are no witnesses.

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MISTY said...

This just happened to two cats I'm my neighborhood THIS week in Wilmington, NC. 9/2014