Doppelgänger "The Double Goer" Ghost. Everyone Has One

It is believed we all have a Doppelgänger following us wherever we go.  

The Doppelgänger Ghost is unique as far as ghosts are concerned, a German word for look-a-likes, or double walker. They have the special ability to project themselves in more than one place at the same time, a paranormal double of a person. This is the only type of ghost that can do that.  Like seeing yourself from the corner of your eye, where it's impossible to be a reflection. What makes them even stranger is they can project themselves whether dead or alive, as if seeing a loved one in a room at a specific time when you know they are out of town. Another strange thing about the Doppelgänger is the person that's image is seen, usually just has died following a tragedy, like a car crash, an omen of a death.

There are some famous cases of someone seeing a Doppelgänger Ghost and that was from President Abraham Lincoln when he went to the washroom before he was assassinated. He looked into the mirror and saw himself, he mentioned it to an aide. Not that he saw his reflection but saw himself standing behind him. Another was Poet Percy Bysshe Shelly who claimed to have seen his in a dream, standing on the side watching as his house burned to the ground after a flood. He drowned soon after.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, an early 18th century German poet, met his Doppelgänger while riding on horseback to Drusenheim. He was astounded when he noticed a man coming towards him also on a horse who looked exactly like himself but was wearing different clothing from another era, a grey suit with gold trim. Eight years later on the same road but going the other direction he realized he was wearing the same gray suit trimmed with gold that he saw years earlier. Had he seen himself in the future? 

Doppelgängers have eluded paranormal investigators and no one seems to know what exactly they are nor why they appear. They are still a mystery but a lot of talk lately have been, relating these appearances to a form of Astral Travel or out of body experience, someone dying, or in distress, or simply just dreaming casting off an image of themselves, putting themselves out there so people can see them. Unfortunately, they are often associated with doom and gloom, and if you see one, be prepared for some bad news or bad luck.

It is believed we all have a Doppelgänger following us wherever we go and gives a new meaning to the saying,

"I saw someone who looked just like you this morning crossing the street"

It'll make me stop and think for a moment that's for sure.

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