Do all Roads Lead to Rome?

You've heard it a million times, "All roads lead to Rome."

What does that mean? And, do they?  

Do all roads lead to Rome? 

The saying, "All roads lead to Rome" is an English idiom. It's one of those sayings that if someone didn't know what you were talking about, would think incomprehensible. How could all roads lead to Rome? Well, there is essentially some truth in that saying, Rome was actually built with all the roads spoked out from the centre of the city, like a wheel making it easy to access the city. Easy in, all paths leading to the same destination, easy out. The Roman's were smart they used these roads to control the empire. 

But today we've tossed out the old meaning and brought in the new. "All roads lead to Rome" now means something else. We've changed the meaning so many times culturally, it now means something quite different, but since you understand where it originated from you can see the relationship. Today's meaning:

"There are many different ways of achieving the same goal."

Detroit city has all the roads leading to the centre of the city. It was engineered after the city of Rome, they wanted Detroit to thrive like Rome did and it did! It also fell like Rome, and like Rome, Detroit rose from the ashes and survives to this day.

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