Alien Abductions - Why it Happens and What they do to you.

If you are experiencing an Alien Abduction this is what caused it. 

First, you probably asked for it. Literally asked to have an alien abduction experience. Be careful what you ask for you might get it!

Second, you let them in unknowingly by believing it possible.

Thirdly, and a lot of people would agree. You've lost your faith. Atheists be warned! Not that Atheists get abducted more than believers. 

There are two places that people usually get abducted in; in bed sleeping or driving the car in the middle of the at night because that's when most, but not all alien abductions take place. Don't get me wrong, abductions can and do happen everywhere, but how many stories have you heard where people are driving their cars in the middle of the desert at night and a UFO comes up behind them? Or, these little Grey men come through a closed window in the persons bedroom and approaches them in bed and they couldn't move, they were paralyzed and the Greys mysteriously float them out through the walls and up to their spaceship and do horrible things to them, like strange operations using strange instruments as the others look on. Usually bigger Greys, probably the Alien Doctors, all gather around and do experiments on you, probing you here and there, as you watch them looking down at you with these big insect eyes, as you lay vulnerable, paralyzed on an operating table.

Have you ever thought what aliens do to you when they abduct you?

They obviously take your clothes off. Many people that have been abducted wake up with nothing on. Or, their clothes are put on backwards, buttoned up at the back. Almost impossible for the abductee to button up themselves. Things like bandaids moved to different locations and rings being on wrong fingers, wigs on backwards that kind of thing.

The Aliens finger them, touching them everywhere. Its believed they are studying the brain, spinal column and nerves. Both men and women report having sex with the aliens, Humanoid hybrids.  Women often feel like they've been raped or their human eggs cells have been removed /or feel an alien growing inside them and weeks later, get abducted again and the baby removed. Sometimes women are made to have skin to skin contact with these larva babies. Men seem to get probed in every orifice possible, but more often than women, complain about the rear entry, up the keister the most. They both get the eye-ball probe with the needle, the most dreaded, where your eye is clamped open and a needle is inserted into the eyeball. 

Almost every abductee experiences the eye to eye contact. The Greys bend over and look directly in the abductees eyes, to connect visually brain to brain.

People have complained about having an implant just under the skin with what is believed to be tiny monitoring objects. For what nobody knows. Turns out to be a useless piece of metal or stone which begs more questions.

If you believe in Alien Abductions and are a New Ager  and having knowledge of them, you might be more prone to be abducted. If you are a dreamer with a wild imagination, with trouble recalling real memories and wake up feeling paralyzed (false awakenings) in the mornings, seeing ghosts and demons, then you are also more prone to be abducted.

There is no way to stop Alien Abductions. If it happens to you sit back and brace yourself for the wild ride ahead. Chances are you'll forget about it by the time you wake in the morning. 

Nothing an aspirin can't fix.

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