Alien Abduction Recorded Over 5000 Years Ago - The Battlefield Palette

I guess it boils down to interpretation. What do you see in the hieroglyphics below?

This is one part of a two piece Battlefield Palette, also called the Vultures Palette, the Giraffes Palette or the Lion Palette and is a perfect example of the oldest known of Egyptian hieroglyphs, 3300 BC. A precursor to the term Nine Bows, the enemies of Egypt.

It's a shard from a cosmetic container, and on its side in hieroglyphics the battle scene 'the prisoners.'

Some anthropologists and myself believe that it's a depiction of an alien abduction. We see two prisoners being pushed towards a large circle, could it be a portal into another world or into another dimension, or even a space ship or UFO? What are those things pushing them, robots?  Sticks with drone heads, floating above the ground holding onto the prisoners? 

Is there any better interpretation than I've given? I don't think so. I guess it all boils down to interpretation.

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