A Human Time Traveller From 55,000 Years in the Future, at Area 51

There is this microbiologist named Dan Burisch, who worked for the US Navy's DOD Naval Research Laboratory with a group of other scientists called the Majestic 12.  

Dan Burisch
In 1994 he went to work at S-4/Area 51 deep inside the Papoose Mountain in Nevada. Down on the fifth level, only accessible by one elevator he was suited up to meet an alien, an extraterrestrial being housed in an underground lab. This extraterrestrial or alien was called J-Rod named after it pointed to the letter 'J' on a computer keyboard and then at the - hyphen.  It talked telepathically to the scientists telling them that the letter 'J-' meant 15 in hieroglyphics similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics, the number of light years away his planet was. 

The J-rod was terminally ill, Dan's job was to extract tissue. His diagnoses; peripheral neuropathy.

Telepathically, the alien told Dan they had come to obtain samples of human genomes, to correct serious health problems with their civilization. It was later revealed the alien was not an alien at all but a human, a time traveller from 55,000 years in the future nearing the end of mankind, with a technology so advanced that it was incomprehensible for us to understand.  

The message J-Rod wanted to convey to mankind:

By December 2012 the world as we know it would begin with rising hostilities in the Middle East. A Global Nuclear War will eventually break out. The radiation from this war, created this human mutation over time called J-Rod. A man from the future as we see it today, a typical alien grey.

Has the hostility already started? Take a look at the middle east as it is today.

By 1998 Dan had disappeared. His house apparently showed signs that he left quickly. He was later located in Las Vegas, his memory of the events at Area 51 while he was there were erased or altered. 

He had been attacked, beaten-up and threatened by authorities, for opening his mouth.  

True or False, Dan Burisch continues to this day conducting his research.

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