A Book Written About Lee Harvey Oswald Before He Assassinated President Kennedy

A man named Kerry Thornley completed a book in 1962. The book is titled, 'Idle Warriors.'

Little do people realize, Lee Harvey Oswald was used as the template for the main character Johnny Shellburn.

It is the only pre-assassination account of Oswald before the assassination of President Kennedy. The book gives you a complete description of the person that would eventually assassinate the president of the United States. Kerry and Lee were friends in the Marines. Kerry sympathized with Lee's political views.

Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President J.F.Kennedy, in 1963. Thornley was called before the Warren Commission to testify and a copy of the book subpoenaed, he was thought to be an accomplice of Oswald or involved in some way, by the CIA. He believes he was the victim of MK-ULTRA, used in LSD experiments.

The book was never published until 1991.

Another conspiracy theory.

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