The Surrey Six - 4 Thugs, 1 Service Repair Man, and a Teenager

"I love you," Eileen Mohan said to her good-looking, happy-go-lucky son, listening on the other end of the telephone.  

Chris Mohan 

Her teenage son Chris had skipped basketball practice and was waiting in their apartment for the gas man to come by and service the fireplace, there had been complaints of a gas leak somewhere in the building. He heard something out in the hall. 

"I love you back," he said to his mum before hanging up.

That was the last words Eileen heard from her son. 

Chris went to the door of his apartment #1504 at 9830 East Whalley Ring Road and opened it thinking the repairmen was there and stepped outside into the hall to see what was happening but instead met a group of men fleeing from the apartment next door.  They had guns. They pulled him inside the apartment. One of them pointed their gun to the back of Chris's head and pulled the trigger, killing him, instantly.

Next to his body in the one bedroom apartment, lay Ed Schellenberg also shot in the back of the head, the gas fitter who was working on the fireplace in that suite, an innocent bystander, in the wrong place at the wrong time, when a group of men entered the apartment and shot him dead gangland style, along with four others who were in the apartment at the time, the intended victims. All shot in the back of the head, a gangland killing.

Ed knew none of the four men; Eddie Narong 22, Ryan Bartolomeo 19, Michael Lal 26, and Corey Lal 22 all known by police for drug trafficking, connected to the Independent Soldiers, a South Vancouver drug gang and the Red Scorpions.

Jamie Bacon and the late Kevin LeClair, both Red Scorpion members. LeClair once told police investigating the Surrey Six murders that victim Corey Lal was "begging for his life" before he was shot.  Photograph by: Vancouver Sun


I remember that evening very well, back in 2007 as if yesterday. This all happened up the street, blocks away.  

Only in Surrey! The case is in the courts. 

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