Why Would a Human Brain Want to Become Aware of Itself?

An Evolutionary Miracle. 

Isn't it amazing that a biological entity composed of two cellular structures, neurones and glial cells evolved into something that became aware of itself, by manipulating a few different chemicals.

A living organism, that produces, collates, stores and retrieves images and sense impulses, a biological computer so complex that scientists can't figure out.  

The brain in any animal is always located in the head, close to the sensory organs for sight, hearing and smelling. In humans it contains 15-33 billion neurones, each connected to thousands of other neurones, the control centre. The only difference between another animal's brain and a man's, is the size. Apparently the prefrontal cortex is largest in humans, in comparison to other parts of the brain. This is where our emotions are made, where we make plans, dream, our memory, where we get our motivation, our attention and control, our humanness. 

Why would a biological organism want to do that?

For centuries the brain was always believed to be separate from the mind. 

The soul was in the heart.

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