Where Have All The Flying Saucers Gone?

I remember a time back in the early 60's, when you couldn't get through the day without hearing a report of at least one sighting of a UFO, or ET or both. Radio stations starring Dave Mickey, had contests to see who could see the most Flying Saucers in a day. The person who reported the most would win a pair of black socks and white running shoes. Dave Mickey's trademark at the time. 

UFO reportings skyrocketed, with sightings as far as the air waves could go. 

By Southern Ontario at the time, I mean Hamilton, which I called home. 

I don't know if anyone recalls, it was a long time ago, you might not have been around, but there were those huge three toed footprints found in the mud near Milton Airport in Ontario, after people reported sightings of UFO's flying over the runways. It hit front page of the Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton the only newspaper available at the time and if I remember right, included a large black and white photo of what looked like, a giant frog had hopped across it, like a salamanders pod foot imprint. It might have been the entertainment page, I'm not sure.

Then there was that sighting where the witnesses actually had an encounter with a UFO and several ET's. Two young children, (might now be working for Disney Studios) were walking in behind a strip mall of vacant stores, around 9 in the evening, up on the escarpment in Hamilton, called the mountain which isn't a mountain at all, it's an escarpment. If you know Hamilton, there is a lower and an upper Hamilton. Anyway these two young kids walked up to it. They said it had glowing lights, round like a saucer and was about three feet high, on three legs. Steam was coming out of a vent and windows in the bubble dome had little green men looking out at them. They reached out to touch it and both got their hands severely burnt. Radiation Burns! I don't know if that makes any difference or how true. They both gave compost drawings of what they saw and a lie detector, they don't lie, the whole bit, the hole nine yards.

It was documented. It was in the tabloid, I mean The Hamilton Spectator, front page knews.

Reminds me, I haven't heard of any recent sightings have you? Maybe it was my imagination gone wild, way back when I was a kid, back in Hamilton, now another world. 

It's all documented. I'm sure. I just don't want to look it up and find my memory isn't as keen as it used to be.
Instead of the UFO being a UFO, it might have been a dumpster, something new, a new invention back then, The Garbage Dumpster.

Where have all the flying saucers gone? 

Dog Brindle

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Anonymous said...

I think I know why Doug, that you've heard of no new sightings. I declare sir that now that they have permission and assistance concealing themselves, well, it has become far easier to stay clandestine. I have no doubt that this is true.