What are New Year's Resolutions made for? Except to break.

I wonder how many people are continuing with their New Years Resolutions or even started? 

I can hear smokers, at twelve o'clock on New Years Eve. "Yes I'll quit as soon as I finish this pack." Little do we know he's bought a carton for the holidays to last him the week, and thinks he should finish smoking all of them first before he actually starts to quit.

The dieters, asking mum at the dinner table on New Year's Day, "Pass the mash potatoes and gravy!" breaking down right in front of the family, eating the most of anyone. 

Drinkers, forgetting making any resolutions on New Years Eve at all. He cracks open a fresh beer to watch the game.

I've made a New Year's Resolution. I didn't tell anyone and I'm glad I did. I failed. I lasted three days.

What are New Year's Resolutions made for? Except to break.

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Sassy said...

I broke two already but I am back on track..will stick to them but just a little later than the set date. We are only human and old habits are hard to keep....

Michael Estey said...

Good attitude Sassy! Keep trying. One day, it will work. That's all you can do.

NavEngineer said...

I didn't make any, personally I think it's bullshit routine. 365 days a year, there all good for change.

Michael Estey said...

I hear ya. But it helps to have a memorable date so you don't forget when you quit. lol