Train Derailment - Coal Spill - Our Beloved Beaver Gets a Bad Rap

After all these train derailments happening lately, you'd think the Railway would stand up and take responsibility for the spill and not just blaming it on a beaver...

CEO's are blaming our poor beloved beavers for the recent accident in Burnaby where seven Canadian Pacific Railway cars derailed spilling coal into a creek that feeds a small lake, a mini environmental disaster. Its hard to tell at the present time how much damage to the environment the coal spill has done, time will tell.

Doesn't the beaver have precedent. After all its been a cherished Canadian symbol for hundreds of years, and wasn't it doing what it was intended to do, in the first place, building a dam. 

If the railways want to drag and transport these dangerous goods, through sensitive areas wouldn't you think it the railways responsibility to be watching the tracks for hidden dangers and wouldn't you think it their responsibility to identify and correct the situation, before accidents occur? 

CP and CN leave our beavers alone and stand up and take responsibility for the accident. 

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