The Web of Black Widow Suicide Bombers in Sochi

In Russian, the Suicide Bombers are called the Shahidka, a term for Islamist Chechen females (Brides of Allah) who are willing participants of violent jihad.

Russian security police are seeking three potential female suicide bombers. One is believed to be walking around the streets of Sochi, awaiting the opening of the Winter Olympics on February 7 and lasting until the 23rd. The authorities believe the so-called "Black Widows" are to be blamed for previous attacks avenging the deaths of their husbands and male relatives.

One of the suicide bombers from Dagestan, a city well known for its use of "Black Widows" has been identified as 22 year-old Ruzanna Ibragimova, a widow of an Islamic militant and believed affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate, the terrorist group led by Doku Umarov. She has a limp, a scar on her face and her arm that won't bend at the elbow.

Two others; 26 year-old Zaira Aliyeva and 34 year-old Dzhannet Tsakhayeva have been trained in all aspects of terrorism.  Their where-abouts are still unknown.

Many of these women are believed to be motivated by revenge and despair. 

They have been sold/kidnapped/or tricked by their parents using drugs and rape (explaining why so many of the female suicide bombers are pregnant) to be used as shahidkas. Many don't even blow themselves up, but are blown up by remote control.Khava Barayeva is the first known Black Widow.  She blew herself up at a Russian Army Base in Chechnya in 2000. In 2003, 16 people were killed, 150 wounded as Shakhida Baimuratova blew herself up at a festival, another 16 people at a rock concert, 46 people were blown up on a commuter train. The Hotel National in Moscow was blown up, killing 6 people, two passenger aircraft disasters in 2004. A school attack killed 334 civilians including 186 children. In 2010, 40 were killed at two subway stations in Moscow, In 2011, 35 were killed in Russia's busiest airports.  In 2012 a woman killed 5 police officers and herself, plus 7 people were killed in Dagestan.  In 2013 Madina Alieva blew herself up also in Dagestan. Naida Asiyalova exploded a bus, and 16 people were killed at a train station in Volgograd.

All working in pairs.

The terror of surprise, is the new threat for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Russian experts warn these terrorists threats are serious.

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