The Lady Hitchhiker of UBC - The Ghost of University Boulevard

We have our own version of this ghost story. I'm sure your area has one similar, where the ghost of a girl has been seen hitchhiking in the middle of the night.

This is our version...

The Lady Hitchhiker of UBC 

Since the 1960's, this story has been circulating around the University of British Columbia's campus (UBC) where a she-ghost roams the campus's streets waiting to be picked up by unsuspecting young males.

The Ghost of University Boulevard

The story goes that a young couple were driving on University Boulevard through the grounds of the University one rainy October evening, heading for the Library. She was wearing a long white dress. They got into a serious argument and she jumped out and was struck by a car, coming up quickly on the right.  She was killed instantly. 

Ever since, her ghost has appeared on University Boulevard, hitching a ride in the dark in the middle of the night. When someone stops for her, especially if a single young man stops, she gets in then hands him a hand-written note with the Library's address written on it and jumps from the front seat into the back over the head rest and disappears. The young driver is left stunned and breathless.

Librarians and students have also reported seeing a woman walking around the Library at night, on the grounds and inside. In all the cases reported she was wearing a long white dress.

That's how the story goes, I'm sure you've heard it or something similar.

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