The Ark of the Covenant - Was it a Space Ship?

According to the book of Exodus,  Moses went up the mountain of Sinai and was shown blue prints for making the Ark by God. It was to made of (shittim) wood and was to house the Tablets of Stone, a manna and Aaron's rod. 

It was to be 2 1/2 cubits in length, 1 1/2 cubits in breath, 1 1/2 cubits in height.  A box coated inside and out with gold and other precious metals that are not magnetic, adorned with a gold crown, with four rings, where carrying rods could be inserted for easy carrying, topped with a golden cherubim and covered with a veil and placed in a special tent called the tabernacle.

It was said to have magical properties. Nothing was done without consulting it first. Was God himself inside? No one could look at it or touch it, so it was always hidden from view under veil.  If you did get a good look at it, you died. Why? Was there a little green man, sitting in it with a Taser gun? It was known to have deadly energy discharges. Uzzah was struck dead by a flash of light. Seventy people from Beth Shemesh were killed when they opened it to look inside, Aarons sons died offering incense.  The people (Kohachite) who carried the Ark were instructed never to look or touch it or they would die immediately. 

The Israelites carried this ark wherever they went. It crossed the River Jordan, separating the waters for them as soon as the priest carrying it stepped into the water. In the Battle of Jericho, after the Ark was paraded around the city seven times, the walls came tumbling down.

Today, no one knows what happened to the Ark. Rumor has it that it went to Babylon, to a cave in Mount Nebo, where Moses viewed the Promised Land. It is to wait until God gathers his people again. Others say the real Ark is in Ethopia, others in South Africa, others say it was taken to Chartres Cathedral by the Knights of Templar. Still others say France or Rome.

What was its purpose? There was a luminous cloud always over the top of it, known as the Glory of the Lord. Was it a capsule for an alien to live in? Was it a battery of some kind that could store electrical charges, a capacitor of some kind? Was it a weapon of some kind and why was it kept under lock and key and why couldn't people look at it or touch it? What would make them die, radiation?

There were so many animal sacrifices performed in front of it, that they couldn't be counted. Blood was splashed everywhere to activate the Grail stone. Why?

The Temple of Solomon was erected to permanently house the Ark, using advanced technology. More questions.

Until the Ark of the Covenant is found, (no one seems to know what happened to it), all the answers to these questions will just be speculative and left to your imagination or to your beliefs in the Holy Bible.

The Ark is the most sacred object of the Jews.  How did they lose it?

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