Numinous Experiences What Are They?

Numinous refers to the presence of a spiritual or divine power with revelations. Numerous examples of numinous experiences are found in the bible. (Samuel heard the voice of God, Moses spoke face to face with God.)

Numinous from the Latin word Numen meaning: a nod of the head as in giving a command. Carl Jung used the term in (synchronicity) for spiritual healing, in dreams and visions, borrowed from Rodolf Otto's book The Idea of the Holy which referred numinous as divine approval.

If you've had a Numinous or religious experience you might offer it as proof that God exists.  Strange and inexplicable things have happened because people believe God told them, even at the risk of losing their own life.  People have miraculously been healed by religious experiences. People have converted to other religions because of a numinous experience. Some relate Numinous as akin to near death experiences or being born again.

Numinous is the sense of 'awe and wonder' a person feels during the religious experience.  It's emotional, and has an otherworldly or transcendent quality. It is a supernatural thing, usually subjective and ineffable (too great to be expressed in words) and does not fit in with the norm of everyday life. Miracles seem to occur when God acts and does, which go against the laws of nature. In a mystical sense, the experience of God is so intense that a person experiencing it believes they've been in the presence of God or have a sense of oneness with him.

These not so uncommon religious experiences can happen anywhere, at anytime with an overwhelming sense of God's presence. (numinous) and may lead someone believing in God (conversion).  God may preform a miracle before the unbelievers eyes, in a direct or unique way that would look like a (mystical experience) An example would be seeing a vision, hearing voices, a sun set, or a birth.

A lot of people would say Numinous is the source of all the world's problems.  War, fanaticism, intolerance and divine permission for all sorts of excesses. Numinous could be evil.

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Martin Rice said...

I'm certainly one of those people you talk about in your last paragraph. Christianity and Islam have been fighting for a thousand years now, what's that tell you?