Men Tell Women It's a Sign of Honour - Female Genital Mutilation

Would you believe there are over 125 million women on this planet that have gone through this medical procedure, cutting and the removal of all or parts of the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. The procedure is carried out with or without anaesthesia (25% without) and usually done before the girl turns five but has been performed on teenagers. It is practised as a cultural right in over 27 countries in Northern Africa, and Asia by little old ladies and midwifes, and in some countries may be performed by the local hairdresser in a barber shop but are usually done at home.   

The procedure includes removal of the clitoris and the clitoral hood; all or part of the inner and outer labia. Then the wound is fused leaving a small hole for the passage of urine and menstrual blood. 

The hole is opened up during intercourse and childbirth.

Believe it or not, it is supported by both women and men, in these countries. This is called Type III FGM, or infibulation which guarantees a woman's virginity because sex is so painful after that.  

The tools used to perform many of these circumcisions are no-sterile cutting devices like, scissors, knives, sharp glass, finger nails, or sharpened rocks often used over and over without washing or sterilization.

We all know that its just a way to control women, an ethnic marker deep in gender inequality, purity, modesty and aesthetics under the guise of religion.

Men tell the women it's a sign of honour to be circumcised, and they believe him. It's an essential part of his authority, he says and women must obey.  The male parent knows well, more than the mother how to raise a daughter.

Since the 1970's attempts have been made to eradicate the procedure but to no avail.

In Muslim communities it is called sunna circumcision, following the tradition of Muhammad. The procedure is not required by Islam. There is no mention of FGM in the Bible or the Quran although its origins are pre-Islamic and is mentioned in several hadith sayings. It is not a religious requirement.

FGM has no known health benefit but is seen as a joyous occasion.

The aim is to reduce a woman's sexual desire, and to curb premarital sex, so the man can easily take on several more wives, serving the interests of males.

Years ago it was practised here in North America, to curb masturbating, now it is practised by immigrants. Though illegal here, parents send distraught daughters home for a vacation to visit a relative, to come back circumcised.

Men tell women, it's a sign of honour. They obey, they have no choice.

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Karin Bartsch said...

Seeing the razor blade in the hand of a human and the angst in the eyes of the girl makes us cringe.
Instead of replying in my own words, I found an article which explains this procedure and its health risks in detail.
Culture is one thing and torture another......

Michael Safrin said...

Calling it a "sign of honour" is straight out of 1984's doublespeak,
not to mention a particularly egregious form of slavery.
It is utterly cruel, inhuman and inhumane. It is an absolute barbaric act of the most selfish, horrific kind, not to mention the degradation, dehumanization in the way it demonstrates how women in societies that practice this savagery are nothing more than chattel or even cattle. To deprive someone of one of the greatest of human pleasures simply to give yourself a sense of seeming fidelity of the part of any one of your several wives,is no enlightened society's honor of any kind