I was a Formula Baby? The Reason My Mother and I Never Bonded.

I was born in 1950.  I was a formula baby.

The World Health Organization  (WHO) recommends breastfeeding as the better choice between breastfeeding over formula feeding, because it helps the babies body defend against infections, helps prevent allergies and other chronic conditions with infection-fighting antibodies which contributes to the child's immune system, plus a host of other benefits especially for premature babies. Formula milk cannot replicate most of the needed properties of human breast milk.

Breast milk is free,"The Perfect Food" and the best nutritional choice. It's advised, mothers should breast feed exclusively for the first 6 months, right up to 1 year, longer if the mother and the child agrees.

Of course, breast feeding depends on the mother's comfort level, her lifestyle and medical condition, in my case I believe it was my mother's comfort level.  

My mother has passed now.  

Which has left me always wondering why my mother and I never completely bonded and why I don't like touching, petting, caressing, holding hands etc. to this day.  

I cannot recall ever receiving an intentional hug from her. We were never close.

Would that have anything to do with being a formula baby? The reason my mother and I never bonded. As I grow older I understand. Not every woman can be, or will be that perfect mother.

It's the luck of the draw.

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