How Many Times Have You Started to Read the Bible?

Let me explain first... I'm far from a religious person. I'm not a Bible-thumper. I wouldn't know the difference between Peter, Paul or Mary. I thought they were folk singers. See what I mean?

I'm rummaging around my shelves of books and magazines and came across this soft covered book. 

"The One Year Chronological Bible."

The type of book that makes reading the Bible, more readable. If you are like me, every attempt to read the bible from the beginning didn't get me too far. I'd get to page two, or shortly after "The Beginning" then I'd give up. I'm sure that's why God has called his first chapter "The Beginning" To remind the reader, he is still at the beginning of the book. Genesis 1.

I started reading, the first Chapter, the first day of January. 

The book is broken up into daily readings. Everyday you read a chapter and it explains what's happening in layman terms. You can actually follow along with a real Bible, within minutes you can understand what's happening. Everything starts to make sense.  

Some of the stories seem a little quirky, and unbelievable and some serious but you do get the drift, the story magically unfolds in front of you, you can't help but believe, I would too! But... that was then, this is now. We know different.

I'm finding this exciting. 

I hope I don't sound like I'm preaching, but, damn this is a good book. I'm already nearing the end of February.

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