Guilt, Too Heavy a Weight for Any Man to Bear.

My friend was telling me this story before he died, that he couldn't stand it any more, sex was going to kill him. Sometimes he just couldn't breathe and was almost suffocated on numerous occasions. 

As you can see his wife was a little over-weight and the obvious problem that existed.

He was going to have to tell her, enough was enough! She'd have to go on a diet and lose a few hundred pounds or he'd have to call it quits. He said he loved her but, he couldn't take it anymore. He also told me that he felt guilty telling her that they would have to break-up.

I didn't know what to say, I couldn't take my eyes off the picture he was showing me. I wanted to ask him, how it worked, it looking so complicated, but I didn't want to meddle.

The moral of the story, 

Guilt, too heavy a weight for any man to bear.

Dog Brindle 

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