Calling Up Demons - Should You?

We had a clock much like this one when I was growing up. Ceramic, electric, you plugged it into a wall socket. It sat on top of a fake fireplace we had in our living room. This was back in the 50's. It worked half the time, the other half, hummed uncontrollably until one day it disappeared. Someone must have thrown it out. I forgot all about it until I started writing this post.

As kids we were told if you want to conjure up the devil, all you had to do was: 

  • wait for twelve o'clock
  • count to three, then walk around the house three times making sure you enter every room.
  • end up back at the clock
  • stare into at the clock

and the devil will appear in the face of the clock.

Well, you know how kids are. We tried it a million times but the devil never did appear and the novelty eventually wore off.

Now, as an adult, I don't like looking into the faces of clocks, especially old electric mantle clocks. I have a feeling the Devil might change his mind and finally show his face. 

When you are younger, maybe its normal to want to see a demon or the devil, work an ouigi board or have a seance, it sounds like fun, but not when you're older. When you're older things change.

No, you wouldn't want to see the devil when you're older. It would be life altering. You'd be sent to the funny farm.

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