A Targeted Shooting In A Busy Restaurant and No One Saw a Thing. Not Even You!

Imagine... You're sitting in a popular restaurant. It's the middle of the afternoon and the restaurant is busy. 

You are having lunch with a prospective customer. At the table to your right, there are two young men, looking very successful and a woman, they are having cocktails while they wait for their order, talking business. The waiters are busy, bus boys are hustling, the maitre de is attending a line-up at the door. 

Just another busy lunch day in this upscale restaurant.

You notice a man standing in the line-up. He looks silly, his hoody still up, his face hidden but you could tell he was watching one of the young men at the table next to you when he suddenly bursts past the crowd and walks up to the man he's been eyeing and pulls out a gun pointing it directly at him and shoots several times, then turns quickly, and walks out the door.  

Mayham breaks out! The woman starts screaming. Blood everywhere. The man falls backwards kicking the table as he does, dishes fly.  Everyone starts standing and rushing to get out the door. You're ducking hiding under your table, afraid to come out.

Police are there within minutes. The attacker long gone, walking out the front door as everyone scrambled then casually fled down the street. One young cop asked if there were any witnesses. "Did anyone see anything?" 

No one saw a thing, even you! No. You didn't see a thing.

It was a shooting, a targeted hit. You don't want to be next. 

A scenario like this happened Monday, at the Cactus Cafe Restaurant, across from Metrotown Mall on Kingway, in Burnaby, in the middle of the afternoon. 

It could have happened anywhere, at anytime.

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