A Living Will - Do You Need One?

You not only need A Living Will, you also need someone who will accept Power of Attorney to make sure your living will is carried out.

I know it's something that people don't like to talk about but what would you do if you find yourself one day with an illness or have become incapacitated somehow and now are incapable of making any decisions, an example: you were in a car accident and are now being kept alive artificially, the doctors have diagnosed your condition as brain dead. They are waiting to hear from your next of kin to decide what to do next, but what happens, if you have no next of kin?  Would you want to continue living, being kept alive by a machine or would you want to die in such circumstances? What about all your personal wishes, emotional and spiritual needs, your finances? 

If you don't have a Living Will, or have someone with the Power of Attorney, the doctors have no choice and are obligated to wait and keep you alive until further notice and that could be years. 

What happens to your things, all those treasures you've collected over the years? You get taken advantage of, your finances start to dwindle, nobody seems to care, where is God?

That's why you need a Living Will and a Power of Attorney

Hopefully, you will have taken care of matters while your were able.

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