A Haunted House - The Irving House - Nominated The Scariest

The Irving House a historic Carpenter Gothic Revival house one of the oldest in the area, built in 1865 during the Alaska-BC gold-rush era is located in the historic Royal City, New Westminster, British Columbia. 

The steamship Captain, William Irving (King of the Fraser River) lived in the house with his family up until 1950 until they sold it to the city of New Westminister. Everything in the 14-room house, all the furniture, everything has been preserved and are on display for tourists.

The Irving House is haunted and full of ghosts. Archie Miller who lived in the basement for 26 years complained about unexplained noises coming from the halls, his dog would bark and growl at nothing. He could hear people pacing back and forth upstairs, knowing no one was home. 

People have seen the walls shake and shiver. There's a voice asking for someone's name. People have witnessed statues, gargoyles and a trophy taxidermy moose head that appears to move, and seemingly watches as you ascend and descend the staircase. Old ladies in old dresses were witnessed by tourists going through walls. One tourist was so overwhelmed by spirits she had to go outside to catch her breath. A boy reported someone sleeping in the Captain's room. No one was there.

Every once in a while Captain Irving himself, leaves an indentation in the bed he passed away in, still warm to the touch. Many people have seen the ghost of a 13 year old girl who committed suicide near the residence on 12th Street in 2002.

Paranormal investigators witness seeing a young girl wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie, carrying a back-pack. When they approached her she stopped and stared at them, her face completely white except for her dark black eyes, then she disappeared.

The Irving House was nominated the scariest house in British Columbia. 

There does seem to be something paranormal happening on this property, there's just too many unusual and unexplained happenings and sightings.

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Hours of Operation: 
Summer HoursIrving House, Museum & Archives
Wednesday through Sunday 12pm-5pm

Fall & Winter Hours
Irving House Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 - 4:00 pm
Museum & Archives Wednesday - Sunday, 12:00 - 4:00 pm
Archives Wednesday - Friday by appointment

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