Writing A Story - The Coveted ISBN Number

The International Standard Book Number

Have you never heard of it?  The coveted ISBN number.  You’ll need one to get your book published, and in Canada where I live, obtaining one is free.  The agency responsible for issuing these numbers is the Library and Archives of Canada.  Every country has their own agency.  An example would be in the United States, they use a private company, R.R. Bowker and it costs money.  

You’ve got to love this country ‘Canada’ don’t you?

The assigned number is an identifier, unique to your book, a 13-digit number, preceded by the letters ISBN and divided into four parts, separated by a hyphen, consisting of; a group or country identifier, publisher, title, and validation number, the last lone number. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist and know all the technical jargon about it, just what it does and why it’s so important. 

It’s a compatible universal bar code number, of sorts.  Does that explain it? That’s about all you’ll need to know about ISBN numbers.  They identify your work, for ever more, until all eternity.  We’ve all seen them on every product we buy, and once assigned can never be re-used.  It will eventually end up embedded into the back cover of your book. 

If you are uploading your book through, createspace.com which I have done for my book, ( ONE TWO ONE TWO, a ghost story ) this will automatically be done for you.  Another good reason to use createspace.com.  And I highly recommend using it.

First concentrate on writing the book.

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