Why is there such a thing as 'Circumcision' ?

Genesis 16:1 - 18:33 

First of all, Abraham had a low sperm count, and couldn't produce off-spring. He needed a heir. Big problem'o! Sarai couldn't get pregnant. God calls Abraham, "Give up your wife for your maid-servant! Call her Sarai no more, her name from now on is Sarah.  She will then bare you a son, name the kid Isaac, he's yours!"

Abraham feels jilted but obeys.

And God said, "As for you Abraham, you must keep my covenant, you will be the father of all nations, the covenant you are to keep, you are to undergo circumcision."


Him and another son get circumcised (he had many sons, none a heir) on the same day, Abraham is 99 years of age, his son 13. This is way back before they even had hospitals. I can see the doctor telling Abraham to, "Take a gulp of whiskey and bite down on this, this will only take a second."

OUCH!  I can actually hear him scream.

This is the surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) from the human penis. 1/3 of all males in the world are circumcised.

Nothing like a slap in the face, before God hangs up he tells Abraham,"You and all your descendants after you, for all generations to come shall be circumcised.  

I didn't get a say in anything! Luckily, I was just a baby, I didn't feel a thing, or did I? Yikes! 


Us men are not alone. You also get circumcised in certain religions, the cutting off the clitoris and sometimes the labia as a traditional religious practice.

OUCH! That's gotta hurt.

Blame it on Abraham.

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