Why am I writing to Santa, I don't need anything?

Just because I'm 63 that doesn't mean I can't believe in Santa. I've written my letter for him already. I'll leave it out on Christmas Eve, with cookies and milk.

Dear Santa,

I'm wondering if you are going to bring me that present, the Mac Pro Air I was wanting. If you remember I was wishing for it for the last three and 1/2 months. Well, I'd like to tell you, it didn't appear out of the blue or anything like that, which is what I was hoping for, it didn't appear at all. I still don't have it!

Either I wasn't concentrating enough, I can't see how that was possible, I blogged about almost every day for 90 days.  Or it could have been my wish was just to unattainable, a pipe dream, like really, who in their right mind, expects a Mac Pro Air 13" laptop computer to drop out of the sky. 

Unfortunately I'm one of those rare pessimists that believe in my wishes and know they will still come, someway, somehow, someday. Maybe it will be by you Santa, maybe not. I'm not pressuring you.

At the moment Santa, it doesn't matter if I get that computer anymore. I already have more than about 95% of the population of the world and infact, yours truly has much more than he needs and, my book ONE TWO ONE TWO a ghost story, has already been written.  

Now to get up and selling. Createspace, Amazon, here I come. Oh! and I won't forget Kindle. Give me a few days.

I should start thinking Easter Bunny and get my wish list in soon!  

I might still need that Mac Pro Air for my next ghost story! Help yourself to the cookies and milk. 

Dog Brindle


Steven Malone said...

One Two, one two, three four, three four, Let's all go to the Kindle store. May your royalty checks get you that Mac!

Michael Estey said...

Thanks Steven. Maybe it will. lol I'm now working on the Kindle version.