"Who Stole My Nuts and Nibbles?"

Queen Elizabeth is furious someone is stealing her 'Nuts and Nibbles.' Some heads are going to roll.

She has ordered the Palace Guards from Buckingham Palace to keep their sticky fingers out of her 'Nuts and Nibbles' a Bombay Mix of cashews and almonds, after she caught them dipping their fingers in her bowl and eating them, when she was facing the other way, giving a speech. 

Insiders said, bowls of 'Nuts and Nibbles,' have been placed around the Royal living quarters for years, for her to nibble when she feels like, her favourite treat. Since she noticed they were disappearing, the Queen went to extremes, marking the bowls with black magic marker to monitor their contents.

A memo was sent out to all Police Officers guarding the palace. 

"Stay out of my Nuts and Nibbles, or else someone's head is going to roll!" Signed Liz.

When she found out the Royal Police were guilty and laughing behind her back. She started to fume. But then at the 'Nuts and Nibbles inquest,' when the judges and jurors started to laugh, thinking it a joke, she lost it and ordered them all imprisoned in the Tower of London for beheadings.

That's no bull! 

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Originally Reported in World News, Fiji Times Canada

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