The Sweet Sound of Revenge - A Master Card Wedding

A true story...

There was this guy, you've got to love him. You've got to give him credit for having the biggest balls ever to carry this out...

Maybe you've heard it mentioned on Jay Leno. Or maybe you've read about it in a local newspaper if you live in South Carolina.

A Master Card Wedding

This man just got married to a beautiful bride. A big beautiful wedding. The brides parents went all out for their beautiful daughter. Nothing was spared. At the reception after the wedding ceremony the groom got up to make a toast to his new wife. He walked up to the microphone, faced the crowd of 300 family and guests to thank the brides parents for giving them such a lavish wedding, plus the vacation honeymoon, a deluxe two-week holiday in Maui, pre-paid booking costs for flight and accommodations almost $9000. He really wanted to thank, the brides father for providing one of the best photographers in the area to record all those special highlights of the wedding, at another high cost of $3000.

That wasn't enough, he really wanted to thank everyone for showing up, many from out of town, and as a special treat would like to give a gift to each person personally. Not that he had many relatives or friends who attended, he a new immigrant. So, he told everyone that under their seats, taped to the underside was an envelope with something in it from him personally, to them. He asked them all to bring out their envelopes and they could all open them together.

Inside each manila folder was an 8X10 glossy of his beautiful bride having sex with the best man, naked as jay birds, right in the act of fornication.

What happened was the groom got suspicious of them two weeks before the marriage and hired a private eye to follow them.  He captured the image of the two having sex.

You can just feel the sweet sound of revenge when he watched the look of her families faces. He turned to his best man, told him to F off and then turned to his new wife and told her also, to F off, then turned back to the stunned crowd and told them, "I'm outta here!"

Of course he had the wedding annulled the next morning. The total cost for the brides parents $32,000. 

Asked why he went through with the charade, if he knew about his adulteress wife before hand. His answer...

"The Sweet Sound of Revenge"

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's MasterCard.

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