The Rule of Thumb - A Guide for Domestic Disputes

An old law, which stated a man was only allowed to beat his wife with a stick that was no wider than his thumb.

That's what it originally meant. It wasn't an exact science, and not intended to be accurate or reliable for every situation. Also it would have depended upon what kind of stick was available at the time that the said wench, needed thrashing.

Excuse my English. "Ole British English."

This satirical cartoon (circa 1782), makes fun of James Gillray also known as Judge Thumb, a British judge who ruled a man may legally beat his wife, provided that he use a stick no thicker than his thumb, to settle any spousal disputes. 

That was a long time ago. We are more civilized now.

Today the Rule of Thumb is used as a measuring device. People use their thumbs as rulers, for measuring things. In carpentry, one thumb width equaled one inch. Planting seeds for example in agriculture. Stick your thumb deep into the earth. Drop the seed in.

The Rule of Thumb - A Guide for Domestic Disputes got the thumbs down from the olden' days, thank heavens, but now-a-days it's still being used as a form of punishment in fun, kinky sex, between consenting adults. 

For the playful at heart.

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