The Cold Takes It's First Victim - An Elderly Dementia Patient

"It just shouldn't happen," her daughter Sally Warren said. "How could they let this happen?"

Well, it happened...

You've done a lot of research and found that perfect old age home to put your 76 year old mom in, out of harms way. You just can't handle the work load needed to care for her anymore. She is in the last stages of dementia. She needs extended senior hospital care. She has a habit of wandering, so they requested full time surveillance. Sunrise Senior Living was selected having one of the best security systems, with full time staff and would be carefully monitored with a wrist band called a "Wander Alarm" that sets off alarms, if she did decide to walk out the door. She had been there since August.

On Saturday, in light clothing, Joan Warren, without the "Wander Alarm" on her wrist  did just that, and we all know how terribly cold it has been here in Vancouver the last couple of days. Well below freezing. She walked past the front desk and out the front doors, no alarms were set off. She was found today frozen to death, near Lynn Canyon by a hiker.

An internal investigation is going to be done to find out how come she didn't have her bracelet on and why didn't any staff notice her walking out the door.

Who is responsible?

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Lady Lilith said...

Oh my. How horrible. Nothing like that should have happened. I hope they find out who is responsible for such an accident so this does not happen in the future.