The Account of Creation - Was it the Big Bang Theory?

We've all heard the story...   as unbelievable as it sounds...

In the beginning (13 billion years ago) God created the heavens and the earth. Before that it was a large black emptiness.

And God said... "Let there be light," and there was light. "Let there be a sky," and there was a sky.

"Let there be an expanse of dry ground," and he called it land because it was good, produce vegetation on this land, he said. He was impressed because it was good. "Let's separate day and night, days, weeks, months and the seasons."

Let's make stars, make light for day, and light for night. The sun and moon.

Put animal life in those waters, and on the land, because it is good. He gave his blessings for man to multiply and dominate the earth. He created man in his likeness, to carry out his wishes. Fill the earth and subdue it.

Thus the vastness of heaven and earth, was completed.

Sounds like the big bang theory to me, oversimplified. Is it possible early civilizations had knowledge of the big bang theory and have knowledge of its ultimate demise? 

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